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Our Group Ordering Makes Any Gathering More Bueno.


Fajita Taco Bar

Whether it’s a work meeting, a party, tailgating, or any other event, Taco Bueno makes it easy to serve fresh, delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner for pickup or delivery.

Includes flame-grilled steak and chicken fajitas plus side dishes

• Feeds any size group, minimum 10 people

• Comes in serving trays

• Complete with everything you need (including utensils, plates and napkins)

• Easy to order online

• Affordable (starting at just $6.99 per person)


More Real. More Fresh. More Bueno. ™

We make everything fresh with real, quality ingredients in our own kitchens. That’s the Bueno way, and it’s what our customers deserve.

• Tender steak and all white meat chicken

• Slow-simmered beans

• Handmade fresh guacamole

• Fresh chips and salsa made daily


 Catering Fajitas No Peppers Onions


Here’s what comes with your order:

For 10 or more people

         Add on any of the following:

         (feeds 10 people)


• Flame-Grilled Steak, Chicken or Combination

• Soft Flour Tortillas

• Tortilla Chips

• Refried Beans

• Mexican Rice

• Salsa and Pico de Gallo

• Cheddar Cheese

• Guacamole and Sour Cream

• Utensils, Napkins, and Plates

 • Extra Chips  $3.59

 • Extra Queso  $6.99

 • Extra Guacamole  $6.99

 • Extra Pico  $3.59

 • Extra Refried Beans  $2.49

 • Extra Black Beans  $8.99

 • Extra Cheese  $2.79

 • Extra Mexican Rice  $4.29

 • Extra Sour Cream  $3.49

 • Extra Hot Sauce  $1.49

 • Extra Soft Flour Tortillas  $2.79

 • Extra Cheesecake Chimichangas (1 dozen)  $12.99     

 • Extra Fajita Vegetables (8 oz)  $2.59

 • Extra 1 Gallon of Tea  (sweetened or unsweetened)  $5.99

 • Serving Utensils $2.50



10 person minimum

• Steak $8.99 per person

• Chicken $6.99 per person

• Combination $7.99 per person



Place Your Fajita Taco Bar Order Online Today.


• Go to at least 24 hours prior to your event

• Tell us how many people will be attending

• Pick up your order on the way to your event

• For ordering assistance, call us toll-free at 1-855-288-3782

• All major credit cards accepted

• Gratuity optional